Tuesday , October 19 2021

Government procurement of wheat remains sluggish, 400 lakh tons too difficult to reach

New DelhiCoronavirus (Covid-19): Government agencies haveprocured372 lakh tonnes of wheat (Wheat) at minimum support price (MSP) from farmers, despite the odds of Corona period, but now the pace of procurement has slowed down to 400 Even buying up to lakh tonnes seems difficult. After increasing the government procurement target in Madhya Pradesh, the central government has increased the target of procurement of wheat for the central bridge to 440 lakh tonnes in the current Rabi marketing season 2020-21. An official of the Food Corporation of India (FCI) said that after the discontinuation of wheat procurement in Punjab and Haryana, now the pace of procurement has slowed due to which it is difficult to reach even the figure of 400 lakh tons.

Wheat’s minimum support price is Rs 1,925 per quintal.
However, procurement of wheat is expected to increase in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, but officials say that considering the arrival of the past few days, the pace of procurement seems to be sluggish in the coming days. Will go. For wheat produced during the Rabi season of the crop year 2019-20 (July-June), the Central Government has fixed a minimum support price (MSP) of Rs 1925 per quintal. In the current Rabi marketing season 2020-21, maximum wheat was procured in Punjab, followed by Madhya Pradesh and Haryana, while the country’s largest wheat producing state Uttar Pradesh is fourth in terms of government procurement of wheat.


Punjab has the highest procurement of 127.11 lakh tonnes of wheat,
Punjab has the highest procurement of 127.11 lakh tonnes and the purchase in the state is closed after May 31. At the same time, the purchase of wheat in Haryana has also stopped. The government has procured 73.98 lakh tonnes of wheat in Haryana, 126.70 lakh tonnes in Madhya Pradesh, 27.49 lakh tonnes in Uttar Pradesh, and 16.02 lakh tonnes in Rajasthan. 35,100 tonnes have been procured in Uttarakhand, 11,482 tonnes in Chandigarh, 28 tonnes in Delhi, 33,337 tonnes in Gujarat, 3129 tonnes in Himachal Pradesh and 11 tonnes in Jammu and Kashmir. Statistics of Bihar are not available here, but only a few thousand tons have been purchased there. The wheat crop has been damaged this year due to rain and hailstorm in Bihar, due to which wheat is being sold at a higher price than the MSP in the state.

Government agencies have procured 372.21 lakh tonnes of wheat so far. Government agencies have so far purchased 372.21 lakh tonnes of wheat in the
current season. These figures for wheat procurement are till Sunday, June 7. Punjab had set a target of purchasing 135 lakh tonnes of wheat this year and Haryana had set a target of 95 lakh tonnes. A target of 100 lakh tonnes was set in Madhya Pradesh, but later the state government has increased it to 140 lakh tonnes. The government has set a target of 55 lakh tonnes of wheat in Uttar Pradesh and 17 lakh tonnes in Rajasthan. According to the third advance production estimate for the crop year 2019-20 released by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, the production of wheat is estimated to be around 107.2 million tonnes this year.

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