Saturday , October 23 2021

Girl falls in an attempt to climb in a moving train

Lucknow: A girl, who fell while walking in a moving train at Charbagh railway station, narrowly survived. A girl attempted to board the Gomti Express from Lucknow to New Delhi. During this time, due to increase in the speed of the train, the girl collapsed on the platform and started to slide on the platform.

At the same time, the woman soldier of the Railway Protection Force on duty, Vinita Kumari, showed courage and rescued the girl who was dragging with the train safely. After this incident, the platform was stirred. Earlier on January 4, a woman employee of the Railway Protection Force, Vinita Kumari, rescued a female passenger while getting off the moving train. For this, Vinita was also honored by Divisional Railway Manager Sanjay Tripathi.

Today, a woman passenger who fell while climbing was rescued by Constable Vinita Kumari at the Gomti Express going to New Delhi today.

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