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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Spoiler Alert: Virat will associate the name with Ajinkya! Sai will disappear with the money

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein New Twist: On Sai Birthday, Virat gets furious about seeing his friends. Virat will angrily associate Sai’s name with Ajinkya’s. Sai also gets stunned hearing this. The next day Sai will disappear from the house with the money.Till now you have seen that Sai’s Birthday is being celebrated with pomp at Chavan Niwas. All the family members are happy. Pakhi tried to dissolve the color in the middle but in the end, everything went well. But the real mess started from there when Ajinkya comes into the house with friends uninvited. Seeing this, Virat’s mercury becomes high.

Sai’s name will be associated with Ajinkya

Today you will see that the family members talk about different things after seeing Sai’s friends in the house late at night. Sai introduces her friends to the family members. Sai knowingly or unknowingly troubles Virat again and again. Bhavani asks Virat about Ajinkya. Bhavani tries to provoke Virat. Virat expresses his displeasure. Sai once again unknowingly or unknowingly tells about leaving the Chavan house and Virat gets upset on this matter. Virat associates Sai’s name with Ajinkya’s, which Sai is shocked to hear.

promised not to take off the ringIn anger, Virat speaks from his heart. Virat’s anger dissipates and he makes Sai wear a diamond ring. All this Pakhi was watching standing outside the room. Sai tells Virat to return the gift and makes their relationship a deal. Virat tells the gift to Sai’s birthday gift. Virat takes a promise that he will never take off this ring. Pakhi’s heart is burning after hearing Sai and Virat’s love talks.

Sai Missing

In the coming episodes, you will see that Sai goes to college but does not return. Virat tells that Sai went to college with a lot of money. This life will try to provoke the family members.

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