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Geeta Basra told- Husband Harbhajan Singh was taking photos in the labor room, gave such a reaction after having a son

Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh became parents for the second time on 10 July. Geeta has given birth to a baby boy. Before this, both of them have daughter Hinaya. At present, Geeta, Harbhajan and Hinaya are spending a lot of time with the new born baby. Right now both have not announced the name of the son, but soon everyone will be told the name of the son as well. Geeta recently told how was the reaction of Harbhajan and daughter Hinaya on having a son. Geeta also told that Harbhajan was with her in the labor room.

In fact, while talking to E-Times, Geeta said, Harbhajan was with me in the labor room and he was busy clicking photos. They like children very much. When Geeta was asked whether Harbhajan had not started Bhangra when he had a son? On this she said – No, it is not so, but on seeing the baby, he was in the ninth sky. Since then till now he is as excited and happy as ever.

daughter’s reaction

Geeta told about her daughter’s reaction on seeing her brother, Hinaya, since then, is busy looking at her brother as if there will be a toy, but with this she has become very responsible.

Will announce the name soon

Geeta said that she will announce the name of the son in the coming few days. This is the name I decided when I took Hinaya in my arms 5 years ago. At present, Geeta calls her son as Chhotu, while Harbhajan calls him Shera.

When Geeta was asked who changes diapers at night, Geeta took Harbhajan’s name. She says that before I say something to Harbhajan, he is already standing near the baby.

mother had to cancel the flight

Geeta told that her mother was coming here from London for her delivery, but due to Kovid, the flight got canceled in the last moment. Harbhajan’s sister is living with him and she is helping him a lot.

Let us tell you that Geeta and Harbhajan got married in the year 2015 and in the year 2016, both of them became the parents of daughter Hinaya.

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