Thursday , October 21 2021

Further soured in relations between US and China, Trump administration plans to block Chinese Airlines

The crisis of the coronavirus epidemic is at the peak in the world, but even under such circumstances, the tension of two big countries of the world is still going on. The relationship between the US and China seems to be growing worse. The Trump administration plans to block Chinese airlines. The Trump administration made the decision after China stopped US airlines from resuming service between countries, according to news agency ANI. This will affect the movement of people between the two countries as well as economic activities.

The US Ministry of Transport said on Wednesday that it has decided to stop all passenger flights of Chinese Airlines from June 16. After this, there will be no air travel from both sides. Recently China did not allow the United States of America and Delta Airlines to start flight services. After which America has taken this step.

Earlier, China also refused Trump’s offer to mediate on the India-China border dispute. China on Wednesday said that there is no need for any “third party” mediation to resolve the current deadlock with India as both countries have complete border-related mechanisms and contact mechanisms to negotiate their differences through dialogue Can solve. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijan said in a media briefing here that China’s position on the border with India is “consistent and clear”.

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