Funny Video: Video of Chinese child’s activities before exam viral, users reacted like this

All the students are engaged in preparation till the last minute on exam day. Before going inside the examination center, try to read and remember as much as possible, till the last moment, so that there is no shortage during the examination. A small child was doing something similar in a Chinese school, but his style was different. Now his video is also going viral.

Knowledge is flowing in the mind with hands

In this video, this child is sitting in his class preparing for the exam, but he is not adopting any common method, but instead wants to gain more and more knowledge in this way, which is very funny.


IAS officer Avnish Sharan has posted this video on Twitter. In this, instead of reading from his book, this child is taking something like this on both hands, as if he is filling all the knowledge of the book and then putting his hands on his head to fill it in his mind.

The teacher made a video, viral in China


This video is from the Gujhu province of China, where this child was preparing something in this style for the quiz happening in a class. According to the report of Shanghist, when the teacher in the class saw the student doing this, he made a video. This video is being shared fiercely in China’s social media platforms.

This video is being watched on Twitter too and people are giving fun comments on it.

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