Tuesday , October 19 2021

Follow this home remedy to remove constipation, it will also work to increase digestive power

Constipation is a very uncomfortable condition. It can be got rid of by making simple home remedies and changes in food. Fig is an effective remedy for constipation. Methods of use are described here.


Adopt figs to relieve constipation


People are often heard complaining of constipation. Poor diet, lifestyle and medication cause constipation. If it is not treated, then an extraordinary condition for health arises. Home miracle treatment can be done to keep the stomach clean. There is a need to change the diet to improve digestive power and to overcome the complaints of constipation. Research has shown that figs can be used as an effective treatment. You can eat it daily if you want.

This fruit benefits from vitamin B6

Constipation can be relieved within a few days with its use. The presence of abundant fiber in it gives the benefit of Vitamin B6. The effect of vitamin B6 is used to make digestive power easier. Before using, soak two grains of fig and soak them in water for some time. After that, eat the soaked figs at any time of the day. If desired, you can heat figs in a cup of water. Then drink the fluids prepared from it.


The second way is to boil two grains of figs in a glass of milk. Boil milk properly and drink milk first. Then eat boiled figs. In a few days you will see its tremendous benefit.

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