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Fanna 15 years, let’s know some important things related to the film

Kunal Kohli’s Fana was special because Aamir Khan and Kajol acted opposite each other for the first time. When we think of film, So we immediately miss their chemistry, Which was beautifully supported by music composed by Salim-Sulaiman. 2006 This film released in today 15 The years are over. We revisited some videos and interviews., Who did what and how Kajol and Aamir were behind the making of the film, the kind of off-screen accompaniment they were on it.

Aamir suggested to cast Kajol

YRF By films YouTube In a video posted on, Aamir told how, The moment they heard the script, He finds out that Kajol Zuni is fit for the role of Qadri. When i first heard the script, So I said that there is only one person whom I can see in the role of Zuni and that is Kajol. But only one problem, If she does the film, I can’t be in it. And then I said if he finds out that I am part of the film, So she will say no. They said, “I never thought we would ever get down to work together. It seemed impossible because we both have different acting styles.

Aamir questions Kajol about her first impression. “I had no idea. The only impression I wanted to make was my fingerprints on your neck. Also, I thought and I still feel that you are complete and a little too much in your work. In-spite of this, You are not such a bad person, ”Kajol joked. opposite of this, Aamir felt that Kajol is a “brat” and would be difficult to deal with.

My impression of you was initially pathetic. I thought you are a brat and it’s hard to deal with. This has changed after being fanned. Great to work with you


, Which is very rare, ”The actor said.

Aamir felt that Fana is a mixture of commercial and artistic film.

In a video, Kajol asks Aamir how he decides on a script. I did different films for different reasons. At times I liked the script but I had serious doubts about how it would work in the audience and at the box office. for example, I used to love Lagaan. Many things were going against it. I finally decided to produce it. I made it despite knowing that it cannot work at the box office. Rang de Basanti was the same. It was so dicey. But i loved it. Raja Hindustani is a film that I knew why I did it because I wanted to reach the public, Wanted to connect with a wider base of audience. Funna is more than a mixture of both worlds, ”Aamir quipped.

Kajol to Karan Johar never say GoodbyeWas offered

Kunal Kohli told The Hindustan Times that he was not sure that Kajol would agree to do Fana as she was also offered to say goodbye to Karan Johar.

Karan [जौहर] That time KANK (Were casting for Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna), And since Kajol and she were very good friends, Adi (Aditya Chopra) and I thought she would work in that film. But when we contacted them, So they gave their consent in the first place, ”They said.

Fana is the first and last film so far, In which the two actors were paired with each other. My best memory is of Fana reassuring both Aamir and Kajol and putting them on board for the film, ”Kunal

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