Saturday , October 23 2021

Faith in Vrindavan: First royal bath of Vaishnav Kumbhmela meeting started today, royal procession started from Deoraha Baba Marg

The practice of saints has started in Kumbh in Vrindavan, UP. During this time a large crowd of devotees is being seen.


Today is the first royal bath of Vrindavan Kumbh which started on the Leela land of Lord Shri Radhakrishna before Haridwar. Earlier, the royal Peshwai of saints have started coming out in the city of Sribankebihari. It will be led by Lord Hanuman seated on the flag flag. Elephants and horses are also included in the ride. The administration has already completed preparations for this royal peshwai and bath. Special security arrangements have also been made.

Today is the first royal bath of Vrindavan Kumbh, which started from 16 February. During this time, the saints will take a dip in the Yamuna at the royal ghat. In addition to the sages and saints in this first royal bath of Vrindavan Kumbh, a large number of devotees of Kanha coming to Vrindavan along with thousands of regional people are also expected to bathe in Yamuna.

This will be the time and route of the
procession. The procession begins at 10 am in the morning before the Kumbh East Vaishnav meeting area, the tatiya place, Municipal Corporation intersection, Anjamandi, Banakhandi, Loi Bazaar, Shahi temple, Radharaman, Gopinath temple, via the Gopeshwar road, the royal bath at Vanshivat. Ghat will arrive. On Saturday, the first Peshwai will go till Vakhandi on the royal bath. After this, the dough will return through the market. Whereas, Peshwai, which leaves on 9 and 13 March, will also go beyond Vankhandi to Vidyapeeth Chauraha, Bankebihari Market and Athakhambha.


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