Thursday , October 21 2021

Facebook’s boss also beat the world’s youngest billionaire in just 21 years, know how

At the age of 21, if someone asks you, ‘What have you done in life?’, Then perhaps you should say that ‘You are only 21 years old. Graduation has not been completed properly. The answer for most common youth would be something like this. But do you know Kylie Jennifer is a 21 year old girl. Who has become the world’s youngest billionaire by selling lipstick and cosmetic products.

Kylie has also beaten Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in this case. Zuckerberg became a billionaire at the age of 23, while Kaylee acquired the milestone at just 21 years old, and Kylie Jenner became the youngest billionaire in the world, surpassing Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg. Kylie of the year is the American TV world star as well as the step sister of Kim Cole and Courtney Kardashian who is famous worldwide in terms of beauty. Kylie married Travis Scott (Singer) in 2017. They both have a daughter.

Cosmetic company was launched in 2016

Kylie Jenner is the mistress of a company named Kylie Cosmetics. She opened this company three years ago in 2016. The value of this company is currently estimated at $ 90 million, whose products are highly preferred. Kylie’s beauty product is used by many billionaires and Hollywood stars.

Kylie cosmetics stores are many

According to Kylie’s company report, his company has done $ 320 million last year. While his company has taken only 3 years to reach this milestone. According to a CNBC report, it took 10 years for Tom Ford’s cosmetic company Eastie Lauder to reach $ 500 million in revenue. The Bobby Brown Company took 25 years to reach this milestone. L’Oreal, on the other hand, achieved this status after 80 years. According to which, this place of Kylie in just 3 years is truly praiseworthy.

Kylie’s brand is very much liked by Hollywood celebrities, due to which her company reached this position in just 3 years. Because of the company, Kylie herself became very famous among the people. He has 128 million followers on Instagram.

What to say

Kylie Jenner said in a conversation with Forbes, ‘I didn’t expect anything. I had not even seen the future, but now I feel good when I get recognition. This is a great thing.

Mukesh Ambani jumped six places

On the other hand, India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani has jumped six places to 13th position in the list of world’s billionaires. Forbes said that Jeff Bezos, the founder of the e-commerce industry giant Amazon, continues to number 1 in this list. They are followed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Bezos’ assets grew by $ 19 billion to $ 131 billion in the last one year.

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