Thursday , October 21 2021

Equity mutual funds made huge in lockdown, gave 25% return

Share-based mutual fund schemes have given returns of 25 percent during lockdown amid widespread market correction. Experts say that even with the liquidity measures of the Reserve Bank and the announcement of incentives by the government, mutual funds were able to give higher returns. However, some analysts believe that this is nothing more than a recession-based fast.

Vidya Bala, the co-founder of, says that although mutual funds have recovered from the March lows, long-term returns are still expected to be poor. According to data collected by Morningstar India, all equity plan categories, Equity Linked Savings Plan (ELSS), Mid-cap, Large and Mid-cap, Large-cap, Small-cap, Mid-cap, and Multi-cap have started from March 25 to June 3. During 23 to 25 percent returns.

What type of mutual fund gave so much return

Looked at differently, large-cap funds gave 25.1 percent returns. Multi-cap gave 25 percent, ELSS and large and mid-cap gave 24.9-24.9 percent, small-cap 24 percent and mid-cap gave 23.2 percent. There was an improvement of 25 to 30 percent in the broader markets during the period under review. Lockdown is in force in the country from 25 March for prevention on Kovid-19. Some states have extended it till June 30 in areas under control.

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