Tuesday , September 21 2021

Entertainment: Sai will risk life to run away from home! will jump with the help of a pipe

Sai and Virat’s tussle continues in the TV show ‘Gum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’. But in the coming time, their relationship may reach the verge of breaking up. In the TV serial ‘Gum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’, you have seen so far how Sai molests Pakhi and tells her to be happy in her married life. Pakhi is shocked to know how she came to know about the things going on in her mind. Sai also returns the gift brought by Pakhi and Samrat sees all this happening and he gets into thinking.

Virat and Sai fight

In today’s episode, you will see that somewhere in the mind of Samrat, it will sit somewhere that Pakhi still does not like him. Sai and Virat start quarreling once again. Sai did not like Virat’s visit to Pakhi and Samrat’s room at night and she tells him a lot. Sai will say in talks that he is pretending and trying to show that he is happy to see Pakhi and Samrat together. Hearing this, Virat will leave the room.

Virat will not let college goThe next morning Virat will forbid Sai to go to college but Sai will not listen to him. Virat will say that today he will not let him go to college under any circumstances. Say once again asks to leave the house. Virat will start comparing Sai with Pakhi and will say that she listens to everyone but Sai does not listen to anyone at all. Sai will say that she will not be a part of such worship, whose intention behind it is not good.

Sai will run away from home

Virat will lock Sai in the room and Sai will cry a lot. In the coming episodes, you will see that Samrat and Pakhi will fight Pooja. Virat will tell the whole house that he has locked Sai in the room, and will also say that he is fed up with Sai. On the other hand, Sai will get down with the help of a pipe to go to college and run away.

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