Sunday , July 25 2021

Entertainment: Priyanka Chopra shared a childhood picture! but who is this boy seen together?

Today, even though this actress has become a veteran celebrity, but seeing her playing carelessly in these childhood pictures, will be difficult for anyone to recognize.

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has traveled from floor to floor. A simple girl who first made a mark in Hindi cinema by holding her father’s hand and then managed to stabilize herself in Hollywood films. The graph of Priyanka’s career has been quite interesting. But it is said that the real strength of any celebrity is their fans.

Maintaining Connectivity with Fans

Priyanka Chopra has always remained in touch with her fans. After marriage, she shifted to America and started focusing on English projects, but she always found a way to stay connected with her Indian fans. Priyanka Chopra, who is active on social media, has recently wished her brother a happy birthday.

Along with wishing a happy birthday to the brother who was seen as a child, he has also shared something special for his fans. Priyanka Chopra has shared her childhood picture on Instagram, in which she is seen having fun with her brother amidst the waves of the sea. Priyanka is seen living her childhood like an ordinary girl in a white top with a hairband in her hair.

This thing is written for brotheris very difficult to recognize him in this picture. There will be few people who will be able to recognize Priyanka Chopra by looking at this photo. So could you recognize them? Sharing this photo, PC wrote in the caption, ‘Happy Birthday Sid. I love you so much and I wish I was there to celebrate with you. Have a lot of laughs and be very happy.

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