Wednesday , September 22 2021

Entertainment: Pakhi will propose marriage by holding Virat’s hand! Sai will be shocked

In the TV show ‘Gum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’, Pakhi will try to convince Virat today. Virat will also explain lakhs to Pakhi but she will not agree. Meanwhile, Sai will also reach, after which there is a possibility of a ruckus. In the TV serial ‘Gum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’, you have seen so far that Samrat insists on divorce from Pakhi as soon as he comes home. Samrat also asks Pakhi if she wants to get this divorce, but Pakhi does not give her any answer. On the other hand, Pakhi invites Virat to a coffee shop to speak his heart out to him. At the behest of the emperor, Sai thinks of giving her marriage another chance.

Pakhi will cry for an old relationship

Today you will see that Virat and Pakhi will meet in the restaurant. Pakhi will ask Virat about what to do next. Pakhi will cry about her old relationship and will tell that she is staying at Chavan Niwas for the last year because of that. Virat will say that a lot has changed in his life. Pakhi will say that she did not want to be separated from Virat, so she had said yes to marry the emperor.

Virat will praise SaiHearing Pakhi’s words, Virat will get angry and he will get up to leave her. Pakhi will lose her temper. Virat will say that she cannot cheat Samrat. Pakhi will remind Virat of his promise. Virat will say that he has progressed in his life and he wants Pakhi to move forward too. Virat will say that he and Sai have spent more time with each other. Virat will praise Sai.

Pakhi will instigate against Sai

Virat will tell Pakhi that he has feelings for Sai. Virat will say that there was the only friendship between him and Pakhi, but love is what is between him and Sai. Virat will ask Pakhi to give one more chance to her marriage. Pakhi will say that she wants to move forward in her life only with Virat. Pakhi will say that she knows that Virat loves Sai, but Sai doesn’t feel anything for her. Pakhi will say that she can understand his love, Sai cannot. In the upcoming episodes, you will see that Pakhi will hold Virat’s hand and beg him not to leave him. In this, Sai will also have an entry in the restaurant. While holding Virat’s hand, Sai will see Pakhi and the ground will slip under her feet. After seeing all this, will Sai be able to give another chance to her relationship, only time will tell?

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