Wednesday , October 20 2021

Elderly man hangs out paralyzed wife on a bicycle after not getting an ambulance

New DelhiAn incident that has embarrassed humanity has emerged from Raisen in Madhya Pradesh. After the hospital’s prohibition here, a husband was forced to hang his sick wife on a bicycle and take her to the hospital. According to the information, no vehicle was made available to the young man by the district hospital. After this, he took his 75-year-old aged paralyzed wife on a bicycle by hanging them in a cloth bag.


According to reports, the elderly wife was undergoing treatment at the district hospital, from where she was discharged. But the ambulance was not provided to take home. After this, the elder tied his wife on a bicycle and left for his village 80 km away.


After this, a social worker got an eye on the elderly going on the way, then an ambulance was arranged by calling former minister Prabhuram Chaudhary. The elderly are said to be residents of Kundli-Bamhori in Raisen district. At the same time, despite being informed about the discharge of the elderly wife, an ambulance was not made available to her and she allowed the wife to hang her on a bicycle.

According to reports, such negligence has been done many times by the hospital. Even after this, no action was taken on them. Even after everyone knew about the discharge discharged from the hospital, this old man was allowed to take his wife on a bicycle.

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