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Eisenhower meeting: All about the iconic building where PM Modi will meet VP Kamala Harris

PM Modi and VP Kamala Harris meeting to be held in
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PM Modi and VP Kamala Harris meeting to be held in Eisenhower building.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a 3-day US visit, will meet Vice President Kamala Harris, on the first working day of the state visit. Apart from the strategic aspect of the meeting, the two leaders will exchange dialogue in the historic Eisenhower Building, built-in 1888 and housed offices of many key US leaders including former presidents.

Harris, 56, is the first-ever Indian American to be elected as the vice president of the United States. The meeting of Modi and Kamala Harris will last for one hour from 03:15 pm (12:45 am IST) to 04:15 pm (01:45 am IST) local time.

Eisenhower Executive Office building

The Eisenhower Executive Office building is a historic masterpiece where the two leaders will meet today. The building was completed in 17 years from 1871-1888 and is important in America’s history and architectural point of view.

British-American Alfred B. Mullett was the architect of this building who designed it flashing the architecture of the Second French Empire.

Initially, it was United States State, War and Navy Building. On completion, it housed the largest office in America.

This building has a corridor of 2 miles and minimal use of wood has been used in its construction so that it can be safe from fire. $10 million were spent to construct this building. 

Eisenhower housed offices of many former US presidents

There have been offices of many former US Presidents including Theodore Roosevelt, Howard Taft, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Johnson, Ford, George W. Bush, all had offices in this building before becoming president.

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill also visited this building during his time.

The building currently houses the President’s Executive Office, the White House Office, the Vice President’s Office, the National Security Council, etc

In 1957, President Eisenhower’s Advisory Committee had decided to demolish this building and to build a new one but there was a tremendous reaction from the public and the decision was changed.

Eisenhower example of Second French Empire 

Author Russell Hitchcock satirically described it as an example of the Second Empire. In 1988, Congress enacted a law so that anyone can give gifts or donations for the maintenance of the building. At that time, the construction of the building was $10 million.

The building is spread over an area of ​​about 15 acres which is equal to 11/12 football field. Apart from the basement, this building has G plus 5 floors, 553 rooms, 900 columns, 1314 interior doors, 1572 windows and 65 staircases.

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