Eat cloves with warm water before bedtime, corona will not come near

Recently the whole world is witnessing the havoc of Corona. Often people succumb to many diseases. Whereas people take medicines to get rid of it which is not considered good for health. By the way, if you want, you can take benefit from this by consuming domestic things.

Benefits of eating cloves:

# If the cloves present in the kitchen are consumed before sleeping at night, then freshness is provided throughout the day and the stomach remains clean.

# Consumption of cloves is helpful in protecting the organs especially the liver from the effect of free radicals. You should drink light hot water after eating cloves.

# Clove should be used repeatedly if there is cold, cold, or fever. Eating cloves relieves the problem of inflammation.

Eating cloves can eliminate constipation. For this, chew two cloves before sleeping at night and drink warm water. Cloves are used in the treatment of diabetes.

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