Thursday , September 23 2021

Do you know why tilak is applied on the forehead

Tilak is an important part of worship and devotion. In Indian culture, it is adorned with Akshat by applying tilak on the forehead at the beginning of worship, rituals, auspicious work, travel, auspicious works. There is a place for our contemplation – it remains awake and active even in the conscious-subconscious state, it is also called agya-chakra. There is not only a religious belief for applying tilak, but there are many scientific reasons for it as well.

In Tantra Shastra, it has been said to do tilak on thirteen parts of the body, but the whole body is operated by the brain. That is why the tradition of doing tilak on it is more prevalent. Different fingers of the helping hand also have their own importance in applying tilak.

Applying tilak on the head is considered a symbol of auspiciousness and sattvikta. It is customary to apply tilak of roli, turmeric, sandalwood or kumkum for success.

# If you are going for any new work, then go for black turmeric vaccine. This vaccine will prove helpful in your success. The person who puts rice on the tilak, Lakshmi gets entangled in that person’s attraction and always remains with him.

Applying tilak with each finger has its own importance, like the one who wants salvation should apply tilak with the thumb, if you want to destroy the enemy, then with the index finger, if you want to become rich then with the middle finger and if you want peace and happiness, then the ring finger. Apply tilak. Tilak is applied to the deities with the middle finger.

# Those who apply sandalwood tilak every day, their home and courtyard are full of food and money.

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