Sunday , July 25 2021

Do you know why the clock is tied in the left hand?

You must also be wearing a watch or you must have seen someone wearing a watch in the hand, which is mostly in the left hand. But have you ever wondered why watches are worn in the left hand only? The answer to this is very interesting and you are also very interested to know the answer. So let us tell you what is the reason for this important thing.
# Even before wearing a watch in the left hand, you have to walk in the era when watches used to be in the pocket not in the hand. You must have also seen the old-fashioned chain watches which were kept in the pocket.
It is believed that some people started wearing this chain watch in their hands and since then the practice of tying the watch in these hands started. The main reason for tying a watch in the left hand is that most of the people do most of the work with the right hand.
Mostly your right hand keeps working, it is very easy to see the time in the left hand during this time. It is so common to tie a clock in the left hand that now the clocks were also made accordingly.

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