Wednesday , September 22 2021

Divya Aggarwal talked about Karan Johar, said – he has spoken such things about me

On Bigg Boss OTT over the weekend, host Karan Johar reprimanded contestant Divya Agarwal. Karan supports Shamita Shetty in the show. While he makes false allegations against Divya. Due to which Divya is facing difficulties in staying at home. In such a situation, now Divya Aggarwal also expressed her anger on Karan Johar and said that he considers himself the king of Bollywood.

Divya gets angry with Karan

During a conversation with Akshara Singh, Divya said about Karan, “Karan Johar has spoken such things about me, because of which I have to suffer here. Then why should I not shout, why not speak, who is mine. What’s going to hurt?” She further said, “You believe that you are the king of Bollywood, then every word that comes out of your mouth is heard by people. People will believe what you say. How can you speak like that about me?

Karan asks Divya to maintain the line in the show

In the weekend episode, Karan told Divya that she is the contestant of the show and Karan is the host of the show, and she should maintain that line. He also accused them of deliberately creating a rift between Rakesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty, who seems to be developing a friendship.

Divya said if she needed to, she would repeat this thing further.

Talking about the possibility of being dropped from the show, Divya said, “I am an artist and I will keep working, if not here then elsewhere.” She also said that if she needed to, she would repeat this in front of Karan in future episodes, but would not back down.

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