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Death anniversary special: went to jail two times while fighting the British, RSS founder Dr. Hedgewar, know his entire journey

New DelhiIt was the year 1921. The entire nation had united behind the non-cooperation movement under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar was one of the leaders of Congress (Congress) who was known for his fiery speeches to inculcate patriotic feelings in public. In this movement, the British also arrested him and sent him to jail. He was released on 12 July 1922, after serving a year of rigorous imprisonment. But during his stay in jail, this disturbed him, our numbers are large, yet why are we slaves of the British? We Hindus have become selfish, unorganized and undisciplined.


Had strengthened the old resolve

The enemies took advantage of our enemies. This will have to be removed. Then, he decided that now everyone has to leave work and organize everyone. The ideas that came up during his stay in prison further strengthened his old resolve to set up a strong organization of volunteers. Union ideologue Dilip Deodhar tells IANS, It was only during his doctoral studies in Calcutta and later working in Congress that Dr. Hedgewar started the idea of ​​forming a dedicated volunteer organization. Before the establishment of RSS in the year 1925, on the day of Vijayadashami, Dr. Saheb had made 5 experiments to create such an organization.

Small organizations formed before the establishment of the Union

According to the biography of Dr. Hedgewar, he had formed an organization called Rashtriya Utsav Mandal in Nagpur in 1919 while the Congress organization was working in Nagpur. In order to make the Nagpur session of Congress successful in 1920, he also established an organization called ‘Bharat Sevak Mandal’ of volunteers. With the friends of Congress, he had started the work of propagating cultural nationalism by forming an organization like ‘Nagpur National Union’.

Before the establishment of the RSS, he joined the youth with small teams

Used to fight the battle of cultural nationalism. Dr. Hedgewar also started the operation of Hindi weekly letter ‘Sankalp’, Marathi daily ‘Swatantya’, to awaken independence. While participating in the Non-Cooperation Movement, Gandhi had said on the arrest, saying ‘Gandhi Jai Javan’ and playing ‘Bansi of peace’ does not suit us. We should not try to cover up a weakness by speaking the language of peace. Hedgewar was prosecuted for making a fiery speech and later was imprisoned for one year. On 12 July 1922, Dr. Hedgewar was released from prison. After being released from prison, he gathered for years to put the idea of ​​a new organization flourishing in Dilodimag.

Three names were proposed for the union

In the year 1925, on the auspicious occasion of Vijayadashami, he called some colleagues at home and made a new organization. The organization was formed but the name was yet to be named. On 17 April 1926, he called a meeting again at his house to name the association. According to a note written by the then Nagpur workwoman, at that meeting, 26 people together gave a total of three names. These three names were 1. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, 2- Zaripatka Circle 3- Bharat Dodhak Mandal. Out of these, the name Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was chosen. Behind the establishment of the RSS, Hedgewar believed that everything, every institution, and movement of Hindu society is national in Hindusthan. Due to the perceived appeasement policies of the Congress, he also had the idea of ​​this new organization, which he later showed as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Branch run from ‘Bhootbade’

According to the book published on Dr. Hedgewar by Suruchi Prakashan, initially, people used to gather for a discussion speech once a week. But, as the volunteers started growing, then the Sangh branch started in ‘Mohite Ke Baad’. Due to the ruins, locals knew the enclosure of Mohite as Bhootbara. When the branch was set up, there was an increase in brightness. In the year 1930, a civil disobedience movement took place across the country to break the oppressive salt laws of the British. Once again, Dr. Hedgewar took part in this movement led by Mahatma Gandhi. During the Yavatmal Satyagraha on 22 July 1930, the British arrested him and sent him to jail for nine months.

Mahatma Gandhi reached the Sangh branch

Even financial difficulties could not put obstacles in Dr. Hedgewar’s path. Once Madan Mohan Malaviya requested for financial help, he said, “I don’t want money, no man.” The structure and strength of the Sangh continued to grow with the efforts of Dr. Hedgewar. In December of 1934, a camp was organized in Jamnalal Bajaj’s garden in Wardha. Then Mahatma Gandhi also came to see him. During this time, he was surprised to see them coming and living of the volunteers and the non-discriminatory environment at the camp’s camp, discipline, hard work, and at his expense. Then Mahatma Gandhi also praised the Sangh.

Health deteriorated before his death

Dr. Hedgewar’s health continued to deteriorate amidst busy work in the organization. In the year 1940, the Sangh education class was started in Nagpur. But he could not exist due to poor health. On his insistence, the doctors gave permission to meet the volunteers. Then on June 1, 1940, he met the volunteers sitting in a chair. Then he said in his address, it is a time of absolute good fortune. I am seeing the statue of the entire Hindu nation here. He died on 21 June 1940.

When refused to marry

According to the biography of Dr. Hedgewar published from Suruchi Prakashan, he was born on April 1, 1889, in Nagpur, Maharashtra. The people of his family were originally residents of Andhra Pradesh. Father Baliram Pant was a scholar of Hedgewar Ved Vidya and mother Revathi Bai was a domestic woman. He had two brothers and three sisters. When Dr. Hedgewar was 11 years old, his parents died when the plague epidemic spread in Nagpur. Hedgewar later went to Kolkata to do his medical studies. After returning to Nagpur after studying medicine from the National Medical College, there was neither a job nor a pharmacy. He joined the Congress. His brother kept suggesting Rosie-Roti. If the family pressured them to marry, they refused, saying – I have taken the vow of Ranjan Desh Seva. Family is not important in my life.

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