Wednesday , October 20 2021

Coronavirus increases risk of Ebola virus, 6 new cases found in Congo, five killed

The world was still struggling with the coronavirus epidemic that meanwhile new cases of deadly Ebola virus have come to light in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Congo is a country that is already grappling with the world’s largest measles epidemic as well as coronavirus.

According to the news agency Reuters, Congo officials said that six new cases of Ebola have been detected in the western city of Mbanadaka on Monday. While 4 people have also died. At the same time, Health Minister Iteni Longondo also confirmed that four people have died due to the virus in the western city of Mbanadaka. He has said that doctors and medicines have been dispatched to the affected area.

Five deaths according to UNICEF

At the same time, The New York Times quoted UNICEF as saying that the fifth death in Congo has also occurred due to this virus. Be aware that these new cases have been found more than a thousand kilometers away from where the disease had spread recently.


Took over 2275 lives so far

According to the information, in April the Congo was about to officially announce the end of the Ebola epidemic in the eastern part of the country, but did not do so due to new cases coming up. Let us know that this virus, which lasted for almost 2 years, killed more than 2275 people.

What is Ebola virus

Actually, Ebola  Virus Disease (EVD) or Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (EHF) has emerged as an epidemic in the last few years. The virus was identified in the year 1976. Nearly four decades later, in March 2014, new cases were reported from West Africa. The virus is known as Ebola in the Congo itself, and the most deaths from Ebola worldwide have also occurred in Congo.

signs of Ebola

Ebola virus infection is from animal. There may be a complaint of vomiting in it. Apart from this, blood can come from the ears, nose or mouth. Symptoms of Ebola also include having abdominal pain, feeling weakness or flu-like symptoms, pain in different parts of the body, or pimples on different parts of the body.

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