Tuesday , October 19 2021

Coronavirus (Covid-19): due to corona virus epidemic, worldwide trend of people increased towards bicycle

PortlandCoronavirus (Covid-19): In this era of Coronavirus Epidemic, gym-goers are avoiding going there for physical fitness. Passengers are afraid to use public transport and families are raging indoors, in such a situation, sales in the bicycle market have gained momentum and it is growing so fast that it has not been seen in the last decades. In the US, bicycles are out of stock with big sellers like Walmart and Target.


The biggest jump in the sale of bicycles in the US in the last two months
is also good sales in small shops. Cheap family bikes are being sold in these shops. During the last two months in the US, the sale of bicycles has recorded the biggest jump since the oil crisis of 1970. J. Tawanli says this. He analyzes the bicycle industry under a man-made solution. Tawanli said that people are very nervous and now they are buying bicycles like toilet paper, just as people had flocked to the stores to buy toilet paper and hand sanitizer at the beginning of the epidemic, in the same way now bicycle is being purchased. This view is being seen all over the world. In cities where cars were crowded. Separate lanes are being built for bicycles in those cities.


Separate arrangements are being made for them by cycling on the roads, while public transport has been cut. The local body of London has planned to ban cars from entering certain interiors of the city. At the same time, shopkeepers selling bicycles in the Philippines capital say that the demand is better than the Christmas festival. In Italy, incentives are being given by the government for the sale of bicycles. In the incentive package after lockdown, up to 500-euro bonus is being given on 60 percent of the cycle price.

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