Thursday , October 21 2021

Corona will wreak havoc in monsoon, IIT Bombay professors expose

Mumbai: The speed of the Corona Virus in the country is growing rapidly. About 10 thousand cases of infection are coming up every day. Meanwhile, a study by IIT Bombay professors has raised concerns. He says that during the monsoon, the corona can rapidly gain momentum. If this study proves to be true, then the situation of cities like Mumbai and Chennai can be frightening. Already Corona cases in Mumbai have made the situation uncontrollable.

IIT Bombay professors Rajneesh Bhardwaj and Amit Aggarwal have done a study on coronavirus infection. In this, a study has been done about the coronavirus and weather connection in which the possibilities of spreading of the corona during monsoon are being told more. The study suggests that with the arrival of the monsoon, the corona infection may increase rapidly. According to the study, the coronavirus can remain in the environment for a longer period of time if the humidity increases.

Both professors dried the drainage from the coronavirus patient’s sneeze. After this, its speed of drying and comparing it with the daily infection in 6 cities of the world. In this comparative study, it was found that the survival rate of coronavirus is up to 5 times higher in areas of humidity than in dry environments.


Monsoon is going to knock in Mumbai soon. Humidity levels here exceed 80 percent during the monsoon. In such cases, cases of corona infection may increase more rapidly during monsoon. If Humidity can keep the coronavirus infection for longer then the situation may get worse in the coming times for states like Mumbai, Kerala and Goa.

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