Thursday , October 21 2021

Corona infection is spreading again in China, this time wire connected to fish wholesale market

Beijing: Beijing has not seen any new cases of COVID-19 (COVID-19) in the capital of China for the past 55 days, but 36 new cases of local infection of the coronavirus have been reported in the past three days. The Coronavirus has given rise to concerns about spreading again. New cases are being reported in Beijing related to the largest wholesale market of food items, Shinfati. Well, the place where the market is located, ‘wartime control measures’ have been introduced to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. That market has been closed and 11 residential areas near the market have also been closed. That is, the capital of Beijing is not in any color to show mercy to the coronavirus.


The fish market is spread over 112 hectares, In fact, Coronavirus was found onboard cutting imported salmon fish in 112 hectares of the Shinfati market, after which fish stocks were removed from all the big and small markets in the city. Not only this, all those who live around the market and have been in close contact with the people working in the market and selling meat have also undergone a nucleic acid test. When the virus was detected, only 9 people who came in contact were isolated. However, they have not been found infected in the investigation.

Preparing for combat at
this stage At this time, local authorities have been asked to be prepared on a war footing to deal with the possibility of the coronavirus spreading again, but sporadic cases are common as it is the end of this infectious disease. Not fully done yet. However, the possibility of a repeat of this epidemic is extremely low because the people of this city with a population of more than 2 crores are very aware of taking precautions and follow the rules and regulations well. The decision to reopen schools for first to third grade was also changed after new cases of coronavirus came to light in the city for the second consecutive day. All activities such as group tours, sports events, etc. were canceled and in industries where work has started, Kovid-19 related controls have been made more stringent.


In some districts of Beijing, strict laws, and risk levels have been increased from low to medium levels. The safety of food, personal cleanliness, and social distance has been kept on high alert. Very soon all restaurants will be instructed to follow social distance properly. For that, the table will be adjusted with spacing. Apart from this, public places like the cinema hall, Karaoke, club-bar will be temporarily closed again. If seen, compiled with experience, knowledge, and confidence, and with a better supply of necessary medical equipment, China is now definitely in a better position to fight any wave of viruses. There are full faith and passion in him.

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