Wednesday , October 20 2021

Corona crisis: no new scheme will start till March 2021, Modi government’s decision

New Delhi: The lockdown caused by Corona Virus has derailed the economy. Due to constantly decreasing revenue and increasing expenses, the new plans have now been affected. In view of this, the central government has banned new schemes. The Finance Ministry has stopped the schemes of various ministries and departments till March 2021. According to the information, these restrictions are on those schemes which are in the approved or evaluation category.  

No ban on these schemes The
government has banned all non-essential schemes. With this, there is no restriction on self-sufficient India and Prime Minister’s poor welfare schemes to bring the economy back on track and help the poor. In the order issued by the government, it was said that different ministries should not start new schemes.

Order issued by
Finance Ministry, Order has been issued by the Department of Expenditure of the Ministry of Finance in this regard. It states that in the wake of the Corona epidemic there is unprecedented demand on public financial resources and there is a need to use resources judiciously with changing priorities.

Spending 10 times more than the revenue The
report available with the Controller General of Accounts shows that during April 2020 revenue was Rs 27,548 crore, which was 1.2% of the budget estimate. While the government spent 3.07 lakh crore, which was 10 percent of the budget estimate. 

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