Tuesday , October 19 2021

Corona: Bihar government distributing condoms to migrant laborers after completing quarantine

Condoms are being distributed by the Bihar Health Department to the migrant laborers quarantined due to the Corona crisis. The government is distributing condoms to all the workers who are kept in the quarantine center and quarantined home for 14 days. The government through its initiative wants to keep the population under control in the state.

Dr. Utpal Das, who is monitoring this campaign with the Bihar State Health Society, said in an interaction with The Indian Express that “It is entirely the idea of ​​the family planning department.” Since millions of people will return to their homes, sharing contraceptives among them is a very important initiative. This will keep the population of the state under control. We are also getting help from our health partner Care India in this work. ”

State health coordinators are giving two packets of condoms to each person in every quarantine center in the state. At the same time, Asha workers are distributing packets of condoms to people going door to door in the village countryside. In some districts, the government has also entrusted the responsibility of distributing contraceptives to polio supervisors.

The family planning department of the state government is thinking of taking this initiative on a large scale. According to Dr. Utpal Das, the program in the state will run till the middle of June. About 1.3 million expatriates are still staying in the Quarantine Centers. In such a situation, the government is trying to distribute condoms among all.

At the same time, news has come that the Bihar government is going to close all the quarantine centers in the state from June 15. At present there are about 5000 quarantine centers in which 13 lakh migrants are staying. The 14-day quarantine of these migrants will be completed on 15 June. After that all the quarantine centers will be closed. Along with this, the Bihar government is also shutting down the registration facility for migrants returning from June 2. Thermal screening of people will now also be closed at railway stations.

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