Thursday , September 23 2021

Conserve cow by taking cow from cow shed, government will give maintenance allowance

Firozabad: The government is also worried about the increasing number of cows in the gaushalas of the state. This is the reason why the government is now appealing to the cow devotees to take cows from the cowshed. The government is also providing maintenance allowance per cow to every person who conserves them. So far, hundreds of people have taken cows from the cowshed for conservation in the district.
In Hindu customs, cow is given the status of mother but some people of the society give up the cow which is not giving milk. The government did the work of opening cowsheds for these cows and preserving them, but the government is now worried about the increasing number of cows in the cowshed. It is only because of this that the government has started the Chief Minister’s Destitute Govansha Participation Scheme for the conservation of such cows.
According to the information, a total of 43 gaushalas are operated in the district. These include both temporary and permanent. About four and a half thousand cow dynasties are preserved in the cowsheds. Apart from this, about two thousand cows are still seen wandering on the streets.
Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Subodh Kumar said that under the Chiefless Destitute Gauvansha Participation Scheme, if a person wants to take a cow from the conservation cowshed and maintain it. A maximum of four cow dynasties can be given to a person. 900 per month per cow allowance will also be given for the maintenance of these cows. So far a total of 528 cows have been handed over to the people under this scheme. He said that anyone who wants to protect cow dynasty under this scheme can take cow from any government cowshed.


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