Thursday , October 21 2021

Common man’s increased problem in corona epidemic: gas cylinders become expensive, now you have to pay such a price

New Delhi: In the midst of the Corona crisis, people living in restrictions for 70 days today have already suffered a major setback from the relief they get when Unlock 1 is implemented. The burden on the common man’s pocket has increased. Actually, LPG cylinder prices have been increased. Oil marketing companies have announced an increase in the prices of LPG gas cylinders.

Price of non-subsidized gas cylinders increased

Indian oil companies like HPCL, BPCL, IOC etc. have increased the price of gas cylinders without subsidies. In such a situation, the new price has now increased to Rs 593. 14.2 kg non-subsidized LPG cylinder became costlier by Rs 11.50 per cylinder in Delhi. At the same time, the price of 19 kg cylinder has increased by Rs 110 to Rs 1139.50.


LPG cylinder costs Rs 110

At the same time, in other cities, the price of cylinders has increased from today. Apart from Delhi, it has become expensive by Rs 31.50 in Kolkata, Rs 11.50 in Mumbai and Rs 37 in Chennai. The gas cylinders, which were priced at Rs 1029.50, have increased to Rs 1139.50 from today. Explain that earlier in May, the price of LPG was cut by Rs 162.50.


Airplane oil also becomes expensive

Apart from this, the prices of aircraft fuel aviation turbine fuel (ATF) have also increased on 1 June. According to the website of public sector petroleum company Indian Oil, the price of ATF has increased by Rs 11030.62 per kl in the national capital to Rs 33,575.37 per kl. ATF is used as fuel in airplanes. Let us know that till now flight services were stopped in India but now they are going to be operated.

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