Friday , September 17 2021

CM Yogi became ‘Kaal’ of liquor mafia, around 600 accused marked in the state, 534 arrested

New Delhi: On the syndicate of the liquor mafia playing with the lives of people, the Yogi government has broken down like a thunderbolt. On the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, for the first time at the state level, 3421 cases have been registered by marking about 600 liquor mafia. With this, more than 534 accused have been arrested. Of these, 367 people have been gangsters. Along with this, 11 liquor mafia’s have been attached and 101 liquor mafia’s assets worth more than one billion 13 crores have been confiscated.

Amendment in Excise Act
CM Yogi has made a provision for capital punishment by amending the Excise Act for the first time in the country. According to the data, the police have taken action against 162 liquor mafia under the Goondas Act. At the same time, the history sheets of 196 accused were opened. Apart from this, two arms licenses have been canceled and 154 accused have been sent to jail.



In 12 days, 1051 accused were arrested, 29 vehicles seized
. In a campaign of the Excise Department, 2807 cases have been registered from 26 August to 5 September, in which 73,660 liters of illicit liquor were recovered. In these 12 days, 1051 accused were arrested and 29 vehicles were also seized. Apart from this, property worth more than 70 crores has been seized from the liquor mafia in the Aligarh district.


In Saharanpur, the liquor mafia gave an affidavit
, the fear of the action of the Excise Department is clearly visible. This is the reason that a liquor mafia in the Saharanpur district has reached the police station and has given an affidavit to the police not to sell illegal liquor in the future. Mafia Sandeep, upset with the action of the Excise Department, reached Gangoh police station with Raju, the head of his village. He has given an affidavit to the Excise Department and the police and assured that now he will not sell illegal liquor under any circumstances nor will he allow illegal liquor work in his area.

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