Chunav Manch: Let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind, BJP will retain power in 2022, says CM Yogi

Chunav Manch: BJP has changed Uttar Pradesh's image after
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Chunav Manch: BJP has changed Uttar Pradesh’s image after 2017, says CM Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday presented a progressive report card about his ‘good governance’ since 2017 which has transformed Uttar Pradesh into a peaceful state by bringing down the crime rate. Citing NCRB’s report, the UP CM said there has been no riot in Uttar Pradesh in the last 4.5 years.  

UP image makeover

“Before 2017, there was a certain image of Uttar Pradesh. And when I assumed office I had said that we will work to change this image. There has been no riot in UP in the last 4.5 years. All festivals are being celebrated in the state peacefully. UP ranks lowest among the states as far as crime against women is concerned. We have certainly changed the image of UP. I can say this confidently that there is rule of the law in UP now,” Yogi Adityanath told India TV Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma during Chunav Manch special show in Lucknow.

“Our government doesn’t discriminate on the basis of religion or caste. There is a sense of security among people of UP now,” he added responding to a question whether Muslims should live in constant fear in his rule.

“We have made it clear, there will be no appeasement of any particular community,” he said. 

“Criminals, mafias are now afraid. They are aware that they would have to pay a heavy price if continue their activities,” the Uttar Pradesh CM said.

On Priyanka Gandhi

When she comes into Uttar Pradesh we get a new kind of strength to work in a better way. Congress’s work has always been to malign the name of the state. And when they go out of India, they talk bad about their own country. The kind of treatment that was given to senior leader Amarinder Singh is really unfortunate. This talks paramount about the party’s leadership.

‘Modernised Madrassas’

Adityanath said that the BJP government has been working to modernize the madrassa education system. “Why people of that community should not be given the opportunity to polish their talent? They should also be given a platform. We asked them to continue the traditional teaching but also work towards modernising it,” the Uttar Pradesh CM said.

On corona relief work

After I found that there were many discrepancies in reports sent by departments handling Covid management, I decided to get on the ground myself. Then, 72,000 teams were set up to carry out door-to-door screening and help in every possible way. Panic was spread by many credible authorities which were very unfortunate. They even tried to stop the vaccination drive.      

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