Tuesday , October 19 2021

China’s bet backfired in Bangladesh, fierce protests against India’s side and Dragon

New Delhi: After Nepal, Bangladesh has decided to make97 percent of goods imported from Bangladesh completely duty-free, but Bangladesh citizens are not happy despite Nepal.  There has been widespread agitation in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka. At the same time, Chinese President Xi Jinping has started all efforts to woo Bangladesh to promote its trade.

Hundreds of people gathered in the capital to protest the move of Bangladeshi China, who took to the streets to protest against China. During this time people not only shouted slogans against China but also showed solidarity with India. One analyst said, “The people of Bangladesh have no respect for China, especially the way Ugar Muslims are treated there and their closeness to Pakistan is also the reason.” The analyst said, “They feel close to India because of their social fabric and democracy.”

There are many placards that are strong in favor of relations with India, which highlight that bilateral relations between India and Bangladesh should remain intact. Human Rights Watch has already described how millions of Uygar Muslims in China face discrimination and surveillance. Uygar Muslims have also been asked to provide DNA and biometric samples. In China, about one million Uygar Muslims are reportedly kept in internment camps.

China stuck on Uygar Muslims,
although China has been denying that it has any such camps here. Later he said that they were the only schools that provided vocational education. However, it is clear that Uygar Muslims have been kept in custody in these camps. In this regard, recently, US President Donald Trump has also raised questions on China. Not only this, but America has also passed a law in this regard.


The US also tightened the screws
According to the NBC News report, under the new law, the US administration has been given a provision to act on the Chinese officials who are responsible for the persecution of Uygars in China. In fact, Chinese authorities are responsible for imprisoning one million Muslim Uyghurs in western China’s Xinjiang province, against which the US has taken tough measures.

Tariff free move
At present, only 3,095 products of Bangladesh in the China market are duty-free. This duty exemption is available under the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA). Now after the new decision, from July 1, 5,161 more products will be duty-free, on which there will be no tariff. This facility has been given to Bangladesh as a Least Developed Country (LDC). Like many other countries, Bangladesh’s dependence on China for financial assistance has increased over the years. China’s investment in the country has increased manifold since 2016.

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