Tuesday , July 27 2021

China launches app to detect corona virus, will alert

Relationship Desk. Some girls have a habit of repeatedly blocking their boyfriends on social media, phone or even email. This makes her lover struggling with mental troubles. Many times they do not understand why it was done. After being blocked from every side, they have no means to contact their girlfriends. This causes them to feel restless. Support can be taken from friends and acquaintances to contact, but there is also the fear of being slandered and slandered. Hence the problem becomes serious. 

Heart injury
occurs due to block Psychologists believe that in the event of block, a person’s mind is very bad. He feels hurt. He has a heart attack. If there is an unknown person who blocks, then it does not matter much, but if he is very close, then the pain becomes fatal. The more sensitive people break down from within and become victims of depression. You know, why girls often block their lovers.

Lack of trust in partner One reason behind the blocking on social media, WhatsApp, phone and even email is the lack of trust in the partner. The girls feel that their partner is cheating them somewhere. The relationship of love rests entirely on the foundation of mutual trust. When there is a crack in it, the girls block and signal to break the relationship. But they should not close all communication channels. Their lover may be honest and devoted. 

2. It
has been said that Hakim Lukman did not have any treatment for the disease of doubt. Some girls are very skeptical. She always looks at her lovers with suspicious eyes. He suspects that he is not telling any intimate person about the intimate conversation with his lover. His intimate messages are not forwarded to others. Even if there is no truth in it, but if there is such a doubt, they think that blocking is the easiest way. 

Girls who are angry are very angry and short tempered. In any relation there is bound to be debate and minor fighting. When this happens, these types of girls are the first to block. But they do not block on all channels and they also unblock when the anger cools down. 

4. Fear of being blackmailed
There are many such reports nowadays that the lover recorded the girlfriend’s conversation or video recording of intimate moments and he was blackmailed. The impact of these reports on the minds of girls is that they do not trust their lovers. While criminals do this kind of work, but when fear arises, girls also block their innocent lovers. 

5. Mental Distortion
Some psychologists believe that someone blocks a person very close to them, then unblocked after some time and does it again and again, there may be some kind of mental disorder that is due to insecurity. Stems from fear. There are girls and adult women who block their lovers two to three times a year on trivial matters. But they never block forever. These can be called mentally unstable. One thing has also come to notice that people who live in a long distance relationship have more problems with blocking.   

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