Tuesday , July 27 2021


Fear of destruction due to cyber hacking after the account of US and world big giants is hacked, this is the way to escape

As useful as social media apps are, at times, they prove to be as bad for the country, society, and humanity. Through social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, many times go and inadvertently spread false news. Taking these fake news as true, people end up killing each other. A police investigation has ...

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US Secretary of State Pompeo revisits China, said – try to dominate the global communication network

These days, China (China) is going on an escalation not only with India (India) but with America. For the past several days, US President  Donald Trump and his administration have been attacking China for the ongoing border dispute with Hong Kong, Coronavirus, and India. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State  Mike Pompeo giving (Mike Pompeo) said ...

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Tik Tok banned in Pakistan, voice raised by PM Imran Khan’s party, journalist tightened

After the Chinese 59 App Ban was banned by India (Tik Tok), many countries are now raising their voice for it. Amerika (America) is also considering to do Tik Tok Ban. Now in the meantime, voices are also raising in Pakistan about banning tick talk. However, given the good relations between China and Pakistan, some ...

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Varanasi: Police has not reached the accused of shaving the head of a Nepali citizen

The controversial statement made by Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli regarding Ayodhya and Ram is being strongly opposed in India. But in the name of this protest, an organization named Vishwa Hindu Sena in Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, did the limit. The people of this organization ...

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America’s 24 MPs asked Trump to ban all Chinese application along with TikTok

Donald Trump

In Republican party, there is also opposition increasing for Chinese applications According to Mike Pompeo, soon a decision will be made for banning applications in government 24 MPs of the republican party of President Donald Trump have written letters to request the president to ban the Chinese application immediately. These ...

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China does not want to move from the finger area, where the conflict agreed to go from there

Delhi: Since the violent clash between India and China in the Galvan Valley, tensions between the two countries remain. Both countries are trying to reduce this tension. For this, the continuous dialogue is going on at the diplomatic level. Recently there was a discussion on the retreat of the Chinese army intense areas again. At ...

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