Thursday , September 23 2021


The last rites in the royal style of the king of Thailand, called the descendants of Prabhu Sri Rama, cost so many billion rupees

Right now the same thing is going on in the whole world at the funeral of someone. You must have wondered whose funeral is being done which has become the subject of discussion. Let me tell you that it is being talked about the last rites of King Bhoomibol Adunyedet of Thailand, ...

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When is Holi? Like ‘Gabbar’, people started asking questions to Google, here are their answers

Whenever a festival time comes here in our country, people start answering questions about it with ‘Google Baba’. However, before the start of the year, people take the calendar, but never turn back and look at it. This is the reason why strange search tags start coming in Google. Now take the ...

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Chand Nawab took some interview with the President of Pakistan in this manner, the video went viral

Karachi  Pakistani Reporter Chand Nawab will all remember you. Chand Nawab is once again in the headlines and one of his videos is becoming very viral on social media. This time Chand Nawab has interviewed the President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, who went to play golf on Sunday. Let us tell you that Chand ...

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