Friday , September 17 2021


Raliyat Ba, the head of a family of 101 members, died at the age of 108, she never went to the hospital for treatment

    In this era of technology where everyone wants to live according to their mind .  But today is also a lot of families who understand the definition of joint and her own life  honors  are even . The  family of 108- year -old Raliat Ba and her long-wide family of 101 members living in Patkholi village of Gondal ...

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Leaving 7 people interrogated, they are connecting with Sunny, Sunny has stolen the house of Kartari before.

    The dead bodies of Divyang mother Kartari and her son Mangat Ram Manga have been handed over to the family after the post-mortem in Aliwal village of Lohian. Kartari’s nephew Jaspal Singh said the rites would be performed on Friday morning. The mother-son killers went on all night to find ...

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A 81-year-old woman and a 36-year-old man sat in love, but this ‘wall’ came in the middle!

It is said that love is  not done by looking at religion, caste,  age , it just happens .  This statement is made  real  by a 81- year  – old woman from Britain  and a 36- year  –  old man  from Egypt  .  81  years old  Iris Jones (Iris Jones) and 36  years old  Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim (Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham) are in a relationship .  Mohammad is about 45  years  younger than them but both of them love each other ...

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Seven and a half thousand soldiers of Chandigarh Police to get Kovid-19 vaccine, name to be sent to Health Ministry

Like the  warrior in the Covid-19 era, the policemen in the field   will also be vaccinated .  A list  of about seven and a half thousand policemen of Chandigarh Police  is being prepared .  Manoj Kumar Meena, SP  , Nodal Officer, Police Headquarters and  Crime Branch  appointed for Kovid has to  say  that   the data of the policemen has been prepared .  The report will be submitted in the next two days . Six days ago  , during ...

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A fear of bird flu: Chickens who lay eggs, mole market broiler, 50 percent price drop

The fear of bird flu has arisen in neighboring states including Haryana .  However, it has not yet been confirmed in the state .  In Barwala in Panchkula district, the dead egg-laying chickens (lair), but the  market-  eating chickens (broilers) were beaten .  Poultry farms in Haryana  supply broilers in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand  and Himachal Pradesh . Bird flu demanded the ...

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