Thursday , September 23 2021


Let’s take a look at the potential benefits and benefits of being in the South

The coconut tree is special in that it usually has some specific medicinal properties for each tree. The coconut tree gives many benefits to humans. The medicinal properties of coconut trees are unknown to many. Let us see what the benefits are. Every ingredient available from the coconut tree brings more benefits. Everything from ...

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Initiative of Faridabad Municipal Corporation Administration: waste paper coming out of offices will be recycled, corporation expenses will come down

Putting waste paper in the box in the Faridabad municipal corporation office.   The Municipal Corporation has signed a two-year agreement with a Gurgaon company to recycle the waste paper coming out of offices and be re-usable. It has been started from the municipal headquarters. Corporation officials say that this will also ...

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This woman has kept a 17 year old cheeseburger and fries, the video is going viral

Washington  There are many people in the world fond of preserving foods. A woman has protected her favorite food not a day or two, but 17 years. The woman bought cheeseburgers and fries in 2004. Even after seventeen years, she is saved and saved. This video of this woman named Savannah Whitehead of America is ...

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‘Smart lockdown’ imposed in many areas of Pakistan, restrictions may become more stringent if conditions deteriorate

In Pakistan, ‘Smart Lockdown’ has been imposed in the areas most affected by Corona virus infection. With this, there is an increase in the number of infections in the country. All markets, shopping malls, offices and restaurants in smart lockdown areas will remain closed but vegetable shops, hospitals, drug shops, bakeries, meat ...

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