Thursday , September 23 2021


The laptop charger became so hot that the cookie was crushed, you can also see the shocking photo

      New Delhi:   Everyone is worried about mobiles, laptops and their charger being hot (Heating Device) .  Many times the  condition  becomes such that it becomes difficult to touch them .  However,  companies are constantly improving their device after several serious issues related  to it, but the device continues to heat up .  Sometimes, due to overcharging or overheating, the device ...

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This woman is alive after drinking only tea for 33 years, surprised to know the doctor too! Know the reason

    NEW DELHI:  If someone says that a person  only  tea drinking  years  is alive, so it may seem odd, but it’s all  reality  is .  A woman from Chori State’s Koriya district has  been alive for 33 years using only tea  . Surprisingly  , this woman is not  only  alive but is completely healthy and also conductsall her  work in a  normal  way .  Female doctor from the physical characteristic too  stunned  to .  Palli Devi is the ...

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Kovid-19 patient’s lung condition can be more useless than smoker, the dreaded truth seen in X-ray

      New Delhi:   Even though the vaccine has been prepared for the elimination of Kovid-19 , it can have a  long-term impact in people’s lives  .  In fact, Dr. Brittany Kendell, Assistant Professor at the Texas Tech University Health Science Center, USA, has made a shocking disclosure .  They  say  that  the lungs of the victims of Kovid-19  can be more sensitivethan those who  smoke .  To prove his ...

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A village in Japan where humans live less dolls, take help to overcome loneliness

    New Delhi:  Japan is the country which is beating other country with technical resources .  Even though this country is counted  among the nearby  nations , but there are some villages in this country who are singing the saga of their desolation .  No human is seen in this village far and wide .  Only  human beings are left to ...

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