Saturday , September 18 2021


People admired for the honesty of the auto driver, returned a 20 lakh jewelery bag

      New Delhi:  Nowadays, while people get killed for the sake of 5 rupees, there are some people for whom there is nothing more than their conscience .  An example of honesty is presented by an auto driver .  He returned a jewelery bag worth 20 lakhs to the traveler without any selfishness .  For this he was also ...

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The most ‘dreaded tribe’ lives on this island of India, who did not return to Gaya alive here

All over the world  in several other tribes today  present  are that are aware of very few people .  One such tribe   lives on North Sentinel Island, which comes under the jurisdiction of India , which has nothing to do with modern human civilization .  This tribe of people so  more  aggressive and dangerous (Most Dreaded Tribe) that they themselves  around  have never allowed .  In ...

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Tired of girlfriends’ tales, the young man fell in love with Xadol, after the engagement said – it’s easier to spend life with him

      A peculiar case has emerged from Hong Kong. Where every person has fallen in love with a sex doll, not a person. Not only this, that person has also engaged with sex doll and is going to marry her soon. The person who decides to marry a sex doll says ...

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