Friday , September 17 2021


Both local exams between Karona in Chhattisgarh: 9th-11th examination will be offline not only in government but also in private schools.

Both local examinations between Karona in Chhattisgarh in March-April, schools will prepare leaflets and assessments as before. In the Corona era, even though schools have been studied online, only exams of students of 9th-11th will be offline. Most private schools associated with CBSE, CG and other boards have decided that students ...

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Why do mosquitoes drink the blood of humans? Scientists have given a surprising reason

New Delhi: Do you know why mosquito suck your blood? How did they get into the habit of drinking blood? Scientists have found the answer. You will be surprised by the knowledge that scientists have given for this reason. Because in the beginning of the world mosquitoes were not used to drinking blood. It has ...

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The most self-sufficient country in the world, which is an unknown place for people

New Delhi: You may have never heard of Nakhchivan. This autonomous republic of Azerbaijan is located on the Trans-Caucasian plateau. Nakhchivan is trapped between Armenia, Iran and Turkey from all sides. It is one of the most isolated outposts of the former Soviet Union and attracts almost no tourists. The 80–130 km-wide strip of ...

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