Friday , September 17 2021


Video: Serpent dance must have been seen many times in marriage, now watch ‘cock dance’

Friends, the season of weddings has started. We are beginning to hear the voices of the band banjo from the areas around us. It is possible that someone has got married at your family, relative or friend’s house. Whenever a person goes to a wedding, they enjoy two things fiercely there. First there was ...

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This girl created a secret on social media by dancing secretly in a sari, definitely watch the video once

Nowadays it is the era of social media, so everyone is active on social media, that is why every day new videos are going viral. Especially those who are young, they nowadays display their art on the hit songs of films and upload their videos. Something similar has happened even today, in ...

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Infection may last longer in children, corona related problems persist longer than adults

New Delhi:  Corona virus infection can last a long time in children. Many corona-related problems in children’s bodies can last longer than adults. Health experts believe that children may be more vulnerable to corona infection. This claim has been made on the basis of an analysis of a survey conducted in Rome, Italy. Studies have ...

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Neera Tandon to set high standards by joining Biden administration, hopes expressed in White House

Washington: The White House has hoped that Indian-American policy expert Neera Tandon will show dignity, dignified conduct and high standards of cooperation when she joins the Biden administration. The White House has supported Tandon’s candidacy for head of ‘Office of Management and Budget’. In fact, Tandon had tweeted on Twitter in the past ...

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Winning vaccine on Corona: from large government hospital to all PHCs and 50 private will also be vaccinated

Vaccination of common people from March 1, Bihar government has fixed the hospital, free in the government, will charge in private The third phase of corona vaccination has started from March 1. The state government has also intensified the preparations for this. In the third phase, vaccination centers will be set up ...

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