Thursday , September 23 2021


For the first time in the human history, such a cold that has accumulated even the pupils of the eye, a village where the temperature is -62 degrees, the coldness of the cold will make the soul tremble.

It is the month of January and the cold is at its peak as usual. In our country ie in India, even if we leave aside the hilly areas, there is no problem of snowfall in most of the parts, yet people are troubled by the fierce cold. Now just think when ...

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This person has buried 42 buses in the ground of his house, knowing the truth will fly away your senses

In this world, big strange strange creatures live, whose thinking is so different that it keeps everyone surprised and by attracting everyone’s attention to their work, they did the same thing in Canada’s Bruce Beach. A person named, tell you that this person has buried 42 settled at the back ...

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The actress reached the show wearing a dress without undergarments, crossed all limits of boldness

Recently, the 75th Golden Award Show took place in California where many big stars were also present, due to their presence, the Saman there became colorful. In this function, most of the stars are seen in black dress because the reason behind this is #TimesUp campaign. Let us tell you that Hollywood ...

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