Tuesday , April 13 2021


Weather update: Delhi today recorded maximum temperature of 34 degree Celsius, beyond AQI 200

The maximum temperature was recorded at 34 degree Celsius on Sunday in the national capital, which is five degrees above normal. The meteorological department gave this information. The department has predicted light rain with strong winds on Sunday night. The minimum temperature was recorded at 14.4 degrees Celsius while the air quality remained ...

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Drumstick Leaf: Drumstick leaves will get rid of diabetes, it is also helpful in reducing weight

Drumstick is called Drumstick in English while in Botany it is known as Moringa Oleifera. However, in India it is also known by many other names. By the way, everything is used for drumstick. But especially vegetable of its leaves, flowers and fruits is made. In Ayurveda, drumstick has been termed as medicine. There ...

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From this clip of just 5 seconds, understand what is the cost of a helmet, you will also be surprised by watching the video

There are many laws and regulations in our country regarding traffic rules. To avoid a road accident, traffic police duty is imposed at every intersection in big cities. CCTV Camera are installed on the roads so that every small and big things can be monitored, but still some news of the day ...

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Hina, who suffers from shortages: Mother used to work at home, taught tuition, but did not lose courage; Kathak done 300 stage shows in India and abroad

Hina performed Kathak dance on stage.   Hina Vasen of Ujjain is a famous Kathak dancer today Academy is also opened to teach dance to children in the city Katna dancer Hina Vasen of Ujjain, the city of Baba Mahakal, is not an idol of any identity. His name is taken ...

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Scientists found organic matter necessary for life on asteroid, will know how life started on Earth

London:  Scientists searching for life outside Earth have found the most important evidence on an asteroid. Organic matter, important for life on Earth, has been found on an asteroid for the first time. Scientists at the Royal Halloway University in London have revealed this information in a sample study from Asteroid Itokawa. The ...

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Studies reveal, vaccines on covid-19 antibodies may be less effective on redesign

Washington: According to a study on the redesign of Corona, drugs based on Kovid-19 antibodies and developed vaccines may be less effective on the new form, as the virus’s redesign is spreading at a much faster rate. The study notes that three rapidly spreading corona forms can neutralize antibodies that work on ...

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