Monday , August 2 2021


Japanese researchers begin work on the development of human cells in the womb of animals

Tokyo: The government has announced government assistance for a special research to a famous stem-cell scientist from Japan. The scientist is working on that technology, with the help of which human cells can be developed in the womb of animals. That is, animals can be used as a surrogate mother. In the world ...

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Android users should be cautious! Banking apps can be hacked, delete these deadly apps immediately

New Delhi: Despite all the security arrangements, online fraud incidents continue to increase. Sometimes someone’s phone gets hacked, sometimes someone’s banking account. Such attacks are mostly on Android users only. In such a situation, Google Play Store adopts many security parameters. But still there are some such apps or malware that can interfere with the ...

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Know where the world’s largest tunnel was found under water, you will be surprised to see the photo

In this era, scientists continue to search for something in our world every day. There has been such a discovery in Mexico, that you will be surprised to know. A group of divers in Mexico have discovered the world’s longest tunnel in eastern Mexico. A group of divers have found the world’s longest ...

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Did not take goat to ‘selfie’, did such an attack on the woman, people said – next time go with helmet

These days, the craze of people taking selfies and shooting videos is increasing. People pull them in different ways and upload them on social media, for which they take any threat. Many such people are fond of making live videos which they show directly on their social media accounts. But sometimes these simple ...

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