Saturday , October 16 2021


The vehicle kept moving on the mountain without a driver, watching the video, people said – this is the magic of Chinese Artificial Intelligence

We have all heard about the Tesla company’s automatic cars. But have you ever seen a car running on a mountain without a driver. A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media these days, where a vehicle is seen moving without a driver. Everyone who is watching this video is amazed how ...

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Non-O blood group people are at greater risk of heart attack

New Delhi: According to a recent study, people with non-O blood type are at higher risk of heart attack. Researchers explore how blood type can increase heart attack. The study’s findings were published in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, American Heart Association (AHA). The study analyzed more than 400,000 people and found that people ...

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Cat flies in fun watching video on mobile, tickled people watching viral video

Many people are fond of raising cats and dogs. Often the movements of these animals tickle people. Something similar was seen recently. In fact, a cat garnered praise from people for its unique style. People are fast liking the very interesting videos related to this incident. After watching this video, you surely will not be ...

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Japanese researchers begin work on the development of human cells in the womb of animals

Tokyo: The government has announced government assistance for a special research to a famous stem-cell scientist from Japan. The scientist is working on that technology, with the help of which human cells can be developed in the womb of animals. That is, animals can be used as a surrogate mother. In the world ...

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