Monday , June 14 2021


Queen of Egypt Cleopatra: this is the world’s most mysterious queen, a strange work done to maintain beauty

New Delhi:  There were many kings and queens in the world, whose life is full of secrets. A similar story is of an Queen of Egypt Cleopatra, who used to bathe with 700 donkey milk to preserve her beauty. There are many things about them. Apart from being the most beautiful queen in the ...

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One crore fraud in the name of the job in Ambedkarnagar, unemployed youth of the district succumbed to the trap of Sanjay Tandon and mafias

Lucknow. Unemployed youth often become victims due to fraudsters in the name of jobs all over the state, they also realize this fraud when they have lost money and time. One such case has again come up in the Ambedkarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Where in the name of a job in a ...

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Corona will have long effect, may need to be applied for years, social distance is also necessary: ​​Expert

London: The global pandemic corona virus outbreak may have a short-term impact, but is likely to have a long-term impact. There is a fear of its second wave in many countries. Although people are being given corona vaccine, yet mask and social distancing are being considered necessary. Meanwhile, Dr. Ramsey, Head of Immunization, Department ...

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The villagers protested by burning the effigy of the MLA

Barpeta (Assam) : On Tuesday, locals protested against MLA of Bagbar Assembly constituency of Barpeta district and Congress Party candidate Sherman Ali Ahmed and Baghbar Chara village panchayat president Aqlima Khatoon. The protesters burnt effigies of the local MLA and shouted slogans. The protesting locals said that due to non-construction of road, ...

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Asteroid movement close to the earth? ‘Karma’ family living between Mars and Jupiter

Washington: The increasing movement of asteroids in space has attracted scientists to new thinking. When the asteroids collide in the main belt of the solar system, their fragments meet each other and start circling the sun. This debris is called ‘family’. Under the right circumstances, some of them come close to the earth. In a ...

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Messi became the most match-playing footballer for Barcelona, ​​breaking Xavi’s record

San Sebastian: Barcelona’s footballer Lionel Messi has achieved a special feat as he takes on the field against Real Sosidad in the Spanish Football League La Liga. Messi had the club’s 768th match against Real Sociedad and with this he became the most played player for the club. Messi broke the record ...

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