Saturday , October 16 2021

Calamity! Chowmein, noodles are enjoyed in this temple

You must have seen the deities in the temple offering flowers, fruits, nuts and sweets. But have you seen the enjoyment of chowmein-noodles so far? Might not have seen it. Today we are telling you about a temple where chowmein-noodles are offered to the mother goddess. Not only this, devotees are also given chowmein-noodles here as prasad. This temple is a famous temple of Kali Maa in the Tangra area of ​​Kolkata.

# There is also an association of a Chinese child in the story that is mentioned behind this temple. Actually, a Chewie child who had been ill for a long time was brought to this temple. His illness was over as soon as he came here. After this, the faith of the Chinese people towards this temple became very deep.

# Since then these people started worshiping here. You will be surprised to know that the salutation here is also done in Chinese style. During Kali Puja in this 60-year-old temple, many people come to see the mother. In this temple, candles and Chinese incense sticks are lit in front of the mother.

This temple, a symbol of the union of Hindu and Chinese civilization, is also a center of attraction for tourists coming from the country and abroad. While people in the country offer fruits and other prasad to Mata’s temples, devotees visiting this temple offer Chinese delicacies including noodles, chops, rice and vegetables.

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