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Bollywood news: Ritesh Deshmukh remembers father on birthday, Genelia said such a big thing


Actor Ritesh Deshmukh remembered his late father Vilasrao Deshmukh on his birth anniversary on Wednesday. Ritesh’s wife Genelia Deshmukh also shared a heartfelt note on Instagram remembering the late politician and said she wanted to be a part of his legacy. The couple also mentioned how they remember her every day.

Posting an old photo of Vilasrao, Ritesh wrote, ‘Easy to miss you i do it everyday, Missing you is a heartache that never goes away. Happy Birthday Pappa !!! miss you everyday. #विलासरावदेशमुख76

The Housefull actor also posted a picture of his children and brother Dheeraj’s sons in front of his grandfather’s statue. He captioned the post, “Happy birthday AAJOBA !!!! “

Genelia Deshmukh also remembered her father-in-law Vilasrao Deshmukh. them DadAddressing this, he wrote how he always made her feel like a daughter. The actor said that he is his Patience, Warmth and unconditional loveWant to take inheritance.

Dear pappa, Often when a daughter-in-law comes to her in-laws, So he is afraid of not being accepted as one of the family members .. You made sure that I believe that family is not meant to be related to blood only.


, This is a relationship that is so sacred and so blessed and so desired .. I want to be a part of your legacy, Pappa – of your patience, Your warmth, Unconditional love for one and all .. This hug is not just one of these in-laws, This is one of the fathers and also because I see my father safe in the background that he has sent his daughter to the best family ever., ”She wrote.

The actor also shared how strangers bless him every day as Vilasrao Deshmukh touched his life in many ways, “You are such a big deal Pappa and I don’t think you know it, I hear this everyday from strangers who bless me. Because you have touched their lives more than I can understand. Happy Birthday Pappa We Miss You. “

August of Vilasrao Deshmukh 2012 I died due to multiple organ failure.



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