Friday , June 25 2021

Bollywood News – Nina Gupta spills pain on social media, remembers her days of poverty


Celebrity fashion designer Masaba Gupta gave a glimpse on her social media platform on Wednesday on her mother Nina Gupta’s upcoming memoir Truth To Tell. Sharing an emotional passage from the book, Fashion designer wrote, “when I was born, Then in my mother’s bank account 2000 Were the rupees. Tax reimbursement to that number at a time 12,000 / – And of course I was a C-section kid.

Writing about her gratitude to her mother, Masaba wrote, “As i read mother’s biography, I learned a lot of things and how many difficulties they faced. I work very hard every single day of my life and never let anyone give me what I deserve, Just to make sure that I can pay him back to bring him into this world …..with interest!

Excerpts shared by Masaba show how Nina, When pregnant with Masaba, She did not have enough money to give birth to her baby comfortably. Passages read


, “As my due date approached, I started worrying because I had very little money in my account. I could afford a natural birth because it only cost 2000 Will be Rs. But I knew if I had to do a C-section, So I’m going to have trouble because the surgery almost 10,000 It will cost Rs. Luckily, Few days before my delivery 9000 There was a tax reimbursement of Rs and finally in my bank account 12,000 Money has come.

It’s good that this money came, Because my doctor told me that I would need a C-section. My father, Who came down to help me at the time of birth, Got angry. They said that it was a trick to collect more money from us, ”Nina writes

Autobiography of nina 14 To be released on June. The mother-daughter duo was last seen on Netflix’s Masaba Masaba, Directed by Sonam Nair, The two are set to appear in the show’s second season soon.



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