Friday , June 25 2021

Bollywood News- Madhuri Dixit shares picture with son Arin after passing in high school


Madhuri Dixit and husband Dr. Ram Nene were proud parents on Sunday as their elder son Arin Nene graduated from the American School in Mumbai in high school. Madhuri, along with her virtual graduation ceremony on social media, Arin, Shared a family photo of Ram and Ryan.

Madhuri wrote, “Is a proud moment for Ram and I, Because Erin graduated from high school. “Your flexibility to rise above the status quo and succeed, The strength, Work hard and focus. so, Follow your passion and understand that one day you will have the power to bring change, Use it well. Wish you success in everything you do. Love you always. “He posted


#ProudParent, #ClassOf2021 And #GraduationDay Hashtagged

Her husband also wrote on social media, ‘Dear arin, Many congratulations for the high school graduation. It has been a challenging year for the world and for all of your classmates and you. As soon as you enter college, We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing how you and your classmates will continue to grow and do great things for the world around you all. Papa with love. “

In an earlier post, she wrote, “Sneak peek, Okay. Very proud! Thanks to ASB and all the teachers and all!

Madhuri 1999 I married Sriram Nene. They are the parents of Arin and Ryan.



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