Friday , September 17 2021

Black salt rice should be presented as a gift to Lok Sabha members: Yogi Adityanath

Siddharthnagar: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the scent of black salt rice has reached every corner of the world. The central and state governments are continuously working to increase the production of black salt.
The Chief Minister said this after inaugurating the black salt rice three-day festival here on Saturday. He said that black salt was being cultivated by farmers in Siddharthnagar district for 2600 years. Earlier the population was also low along with yields. In the coming years, its demand increased along with the population, but the production of black salt rice was decreasing at a higher cost. Therefore, the fascination of the farmers was being disturbed. In 2018, black salt was chosen as a product in a district. He said that black salt was cultivated in 2200 hectares earlier. But now it is being produced in 5000 ha in Siddharthnagar district. Many nutrients are found in black salt rice. The demand and demand for this festival will also increase.
He asked MP Jagadambika Pal to present black salt rice as a gift to the members of the Lok Sabha across the country, so that its bonding would be further enhanced. He said that its scope has increased in the last four years. It is the policy of the government to increase its price by four hundred times more than the price of normal rice.
He said that the stalk of black salt paddy used to be big, but the training has been done by agricultural science centers to increase the production at a lower cost. He said that the black salt rice produced by Siddharthnagar district will bring its fragrance not only throughout India but in every corner of the world. Acharya Narendra Dev Agricultural and Technological University Vidyalaya Kumarganj Ayodhya is constantly innovating to increase its yield. Kashi contains black rice products. The black rice there is black from above and also inside. The kheer there is famous all over the world.

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