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During the first wave of Corona (covid-19), if people in the country really expected help from someone. So he was Sonu Sood (Film actor Sonu Sood). Sonu had helped the people trapped during the lockdown by becoming a messiah. Once again Sonu has helped Hitesh of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Hitesh’s sister Renu had sought help from Sonu Sood by tweeting. On the call of sister, Sonu Sood has shifted brother Hitesh by air ambulance to Hyderabad, where Hitesh’s lungs will be transplanted.

The entire family of Suman Sharma, living in Dr. Ramswaroop Colony of Moradabad, got infected during the second wave of corona. He has two sons and two daughters. His eldest son Hitesh was first infected in April. After this other members of the family became positive. Suman Sharma passed away on 6 May. A day later on May 8, his wife Aruna Sharma also passed away.

Younger son Ankit had to bite his feet

Elder son Hitesh and younger son Ankit were admitted in the hospital. Where Ankit’s feet had to be amputated due to infection. At the same time, Hitesh, who was admitted to a private hospital in Moradabad for two months, had worsened his lungs. Later Hitesh was admitted to a private hospital in Noida. Hitesh’s elder sister Rekha and younger sister Renu could not understand anything.

Sister tweets to Sonu Sood

Seeing the problem of the brother, both the sisters could not understand anything. After which younger sister Renu tweeted on July 11 and requested Sonu Sood for help. Telling him the condition of his brother, he asked for help for the lung transplant. After reading the tweet on July 12, Sonu came forward to help. On July 15, Sonu shifted Hitesh by air ambulance to Yashoda Hospital in Hyderabad, where Hitesh’s treatment has been started.

Sonu extended his hand to help in 16 hours

Actor Sonu Sood did not delay in helping Hitesh. Sonu Sood’s NGO started its exercise only after Renu’s tweet. Sonu Sood tweeted after 16 hours on completion of the arrangements. By tweeting, he talked about shifting from Air Ambulance to Hyderabad. After 79 hours, Sonu Sood also got Hitesh airlifted.

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